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Commercial Umbrellas

Commercial Umbrellas is part of Shade Australia Pty Ltd. We handle a wide range of umbrellas specifically designed for the commercial market. Commercial umbrella are different to normal market umbrellas. They are much more robust and come in a wide range of sizes and strengths. Of course they are also suited to branding and printing so you can display your logo. Browse our range here and see which style best suits your requirements. Our SunRanger Umbrellas are the smaller end of the range designed to be moved in and out as required. Our Italian Piazza Commercial Umbrellas are a fully wind-rated engineer certified umbrella which need to be bolted down or concreted inground to give them the strength.

If you’re wanting your umbrella to be branded then you’ll need to supply us with the artwork. Depending on the fabric we use we print using a different system. For PVC canopies for instance we generally digitally print the umbrella. For Spuncrylic canvas we generally screenprint for the best result.

Important: Information on this website is provided to introduce you to our Commercial Umbrella Range. The links below will click through to our main website where you can view up-to-date pricing, place orders or view more information about the particular product you are interested in.

You can of course contact us on our national Freecall Number 1800 155 233 or email us at